Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The last road trip of the year always seems to be the sweetest

We took our annual autumn ride to the Davis Mountains of West Texas a few weeks ago, and I can't seem to get the trip out of my mind. This picture I took as we rested by the side of State Highway 17 pretty much crystallizes the essence of the trip for me:

The weather here is now becoming more erratic as we move into the holiday season, with calm nighttime lows near freezing and windy daytime highs in the mid-60s. In another week or two, it'll be the time of year when all you can do is just grab the odd, sporadic day-ride when the weather cooperates. Though we do technically ride all year 'round down here in Texas, it gets cold in December, January, and February, and as of right now the sweet spot has passed. Riding Season 2010 is essentially over.

I guess that's why I can't get the last roadtrip out of my head. In my mind the weather was perfect, the roads were perfect, the smells in the air were perfect, and my bike was running perfectly. Yes, it was all flawless in memory. Of course, you never dwell on how bad the bugs were or on how cold the morning started off or on getting held up in Pecos because somebody's fuel card wouldn't work. This time of year, as you stare Old Man Winter® in the face, all you remember is how great it all was.

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