Sunday, January 14, 2007


By request, another maintenance vid: Carb Synchronization

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the last video. I hope you find this one of interest, as well:


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Valve adjustment time! Enthralling video of Tim's garage!

If you're snowed-in and bored out of your skull, you might actually find this video interesting:


Thursday, January 04, 2007


Impressive numbers indeed

From a Usenet poster:

"On the other hand about 55,000 Harley Davidson's shipped international[ly], so that leaves about 275,000 sold in the USA! The ratio for international versus domestic has stayed the same, but the numbers keep going up! In '98 HD sold 150,000 bikes, '05 329,000!! Wow! Doubled sales volume in 7 years! Tripled since '95, (105,000 units)! "

No matter how you feel about Harleys, those are impressive numbers. Comparatively, Triumph sold about 10,000 stateside units last year. The greater wonder (for me, at least) is in contemplating what their total yearly sales in branding their logo onto everything from coffee cups to women's underwear might be.

Every time I see a Harley Decal on the back window of an SUV, I don't think about a motorcycle. I think about the bikeless, sheep-like consumer behind the wheel whose mindless group-think has helped make Willy G a very, very rich man.

Note to self for the new year: Find a way to exploit the blind patriotism of the masses for huge profits -- and make them love me for it.