Tuesday, January 24, 2017


FZ-07 (MT-07) Ride : What Is Tex-Mex Cuisine? Plus, Exploring A 140-Year-Old House!

I go on a lunch errand for Suburban Delinquent, who asked me to explain the difference between Tex-Mex food and traditional Mexican cuisine. After that, I show you a 140-year-old house that is reported to be one of the oldest surviving structures in the area. Come ride along with me and enjoy the beautiful sounds of my Yamaha FZ-07 on a perfect winter day in West Texas.

Monday, January 02, 2017


The Abandoned Airfield

Happy New Year! In the first episode of 2017, I find the abandoned runways and observation tower of the now defunct Howard County Airport. The field was once used for initial Air Force pilot training until the 1970s, but like the former Webb Air Force Base nearby, it was closed down. Enjoy plenty of cinematics, including drone footage from my DJI Phantom.