Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Your biggest obstacle to buying a 2009 literbike might be finding one

A buddy of mine sent me the following YouTube video via an email link this morning. He's all excited about buying a new 1000 and wanted my opinions. He's pretty sure he wants the new GSXR1000, but -- like many -- is thoroughly intrigued by the new R1 and its funky sounding, MotoGP-inspired engine/crank design.

The problem, as I explained it to him, may not be in making a final decision, but in actually finding a bike once he knows what he wants. As a whole, the big four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have cut their production totals to less than half of what they were this time last year. The worldwide economic contraction has left virtually no industry untouched, the motorcycle world included. Many dealerships didn't get more than one or two of each new model, and since their inventories are limited, aren't offering terribly good deals. Buyers should expect to pay close to MSRP or even more in some areas for the more sought-after bikes of 2009.

All things considered, watching reviews and comparos on the Internet may be the most enjoyable part of the process for anyone who wants an in-demand 2009 sportbike.