Thursday, December 30, 2010


Historic, never-before-seen photos of Burt Munroe's 'World's Fastest Indian'

I swear, you just can't make this stuff up. I got these pics and link from a guy who found them on a site called Yellow Bullet Forums. Prepare to yell, "Kick ass!" at the top of your lungs:

"I work with a older engineer who has always had some interesting stories to tell. He always seems to be hanging around someones cubicle telling tall tales about things that he has done or seen. One day he came by mine and wanted to hear about one of my MC trips to a far off place. Before long Alan's tales about motorcycles back in the day had taken over the discussion. We have all heard the classic line about the Triumph that someone used to have, so I was ready for it. What he said that day seemed unbelievable and I doubted it until the goods showed up today. Alan told me about the summer of 1969. He was in the Air Force and stationed in Wendover Utah. When ever he could he got off base and went out to the Salt Flats to watch the time trials and lend a hand if he could. He began telling me about this crazy old guy from Australia or somewhere near there who rode an old Indian. In disbelief I asked if his name was Burt and Alan said yes. I told Alan about the movie and what I knew and Alan had never heard of it. He said that he had some old 35mm slides and he would bring them in for me to look at. That was about a year ago and after pestering him at every chance he delivered three carosels today. See images below. These are a few of them and perhaps the most important. When I get these propperly scanned, I'll post them again.

Please sit down, you are about to see something that few have ever seen. This is like finding the holy grail."

Wow. Just –– wow. No further commentary necessary.