Friday, January 06, 2006


New year, new ideas

After a holiday season that seemed to last forever, I’m slowly getting myself back on track for 2006. For me, that mostly means getting back into racing trim (down to about 145 pounds) and going back to a regular work schedule. I’ve also gotten the ball rolling in accomplishing some tasks that I’ve been telling myself for a year or more that I was going to get done.

Firstly, I finally lowered the suspension on my ZX6R after six years of ownership. Using a set of Vortex lowering links and a come-along, my friend Rodger and I completed the job last night. The bike is now 1.5 inches lower and looks great. Finally, I can sit completely flat-footed, and the reduction in ground clearance will hopefully keep me off the edge of the tires all the time.

Projects to come include lightening the ZX7R and researching FI conversions for both bikes. Details as the develop. Happy New Year.

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