Sunday, February 12, 2017


FZ-07 & FJR1300 Ride: Dan Blocker Museum | Ghost Town of Soash

Join Clif and I as we explore the town of O'Donnell, Texas and visit its museum partly dedicated to Dan Blocker, best known as Hoss Cartwright on the legendary TV show Bonanza. From there, search through spooky ruins with us in the nearby ghost town of Soash. Let's ride!


One of the unfortunate aspects of the motovlogging genre is that there is an unspoken time limit for each installment. At eleven and a half minutes, this one will be considered long by many in the audience demographic. The optimal length for viewer retention is about seven to eight minutes according to my analytics. Beyond that, the percentage of those willing to watch from beginning to end begins to drop. So for me to edit this video at the finished length presented tells you what a good time I was having on this ride. In fact, I left out a lot of really cool footage for the sake of brevity, as the video could've easily been twice as long. Still, I'm proud of this episode because, like so many others, I find it to be an enthralling documentation of my riding life, interests, and friendships. I hope you feel the same.

Part of the appeal of this episode for me is that I love little towns like O'Donnell. When I am in such places, I feel at home, and a piece of me longs to live in some similarly quiet little spot; a place with a main street still cluttered with turn-of-the-twentieth-century buildings and where the traditional charms of small-town life survive. It is a way of life that is dying at the hands of urbanization and modernization, and I often wonder if every small town in West Texas will someday be dead and abandoned as the population centers claim their denizens.

In the meantime, I'll continue to preserve these places on video when I can. They are, after all, Americana. Cheers and best wishes until next time.

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