Tuesday, August 04, 2015


So-Cal Motovlogger Meetup 2015 with Extras [Motovlog #58]

We head from Texas to Southern California for the So-Cal Motovlogger Meetup 2015. From beginning to end, SCMM2015 was epic in every way. Palm Springs, San Bernardino, and Idyllwild will never be the same again!

Anytime I post a finished episode of Tim Kreitz Adventures that documents a ride or trip I particularly enjoyed, I always feel as though I have somehow failed as a videographer and storyteller. That's mostly because it's difficult to properly convey four days of fun and adventure in a ten-minute video. Details will always get lost and some of the more complicated or even mundane moments of footage will inevitably be left on the cutting room floor in an effort to pace the video appropriately and make it easy to digest for the ever-growing number of attention-span-challenged people who consume modern social media.

In addition, not everything can be captured on video: the smell of the pines and cedars on top of the mountain at Idyllwild; the infernal heat of a 112-degree Palm Springs summer day; the scent of suntan lotion on bikini-clad girls; the taste of homemade moonshine and ginger beer by the pool. All these things must be documented in liner notes like these, even though they can never really be fully described.

The same goes for the emotions one experiences when riding a motorcycle through a new and wondrous setting. The heart-pounding thrill of dragging a rented Sportster's footpegs up a 5,000-foot mountain ascent, the relaxed calm of a quiet rest stop, and the joy of finally meeting online friends in person for the first time can't be accurately represented within the context of a motovlog –– but they are there. And in many ways, they are the spirit of such an experience that lingers in the heart and memory the most. So as you watch this episode, keep those things in mind, and enjoy. Cheers.

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