Thursday, April 25, 2013


Saving the Superbike Blog

I begin this entry with a statement of full disclosure: After almost a decade online, I've been seriously considering the possibility of shutting down the Superbike Blog.

Life changes over the course of ten or fifteen years, and with it, so does a person's focus. Such has been the case with me. And while I have maintained an active interest in motorcycling for the majority of my life, there's not always something new to write about in my two-wheeled adventures on a regular basis. You see, I tend to be a creature of habit in many of my activities, motorcycling included. I do the same things over and over, much to my own enjoyment. I go on a lot of the same rides repeatedly, ride with many of the same people, and travel down familiar roads again and again. I like it that way so far, and until I get bored and decide to do something different, I'll reliably stay with that plan. There's also the fact that I haven't been following motorcycle racing as closely in recent years, though I still remain a casual fan. The effective demise of AMA Superbike a few seasons back, mainly due to bad politics and policy, really made me sad because it was my favorite of all the series to write about. I haven't gone to an AMA race with a press or paddock pass in years now. On top of everything else, I haven't been actively teaching motorcycle safety courses since going back to music full time. The result of all these changes has been long stretches of time between blog entires here.

There are, however, other areas of my life which are constantly in a state of dynamic flux. For example, I've had a lot of interesting things happen in my musical career over the past few years, and that is understandably where my attention has been focused. I've also been making some really good beers over the past few years since upgrading my brewing equipment and improving my processes. In addition, I've been on many groovy trips that didn't include a motorcycle. I got back into astronomy, too. I've been blessed with many talents and interests, all of which deserve some blogospheric attention from time to time.

So here's the deal: Until further notice, it is my edict that the Superbike Blog be not just about motorcycles anymore. It will now serve as a journal of all my enthralling adventures across the solar system, two-wheeled and not. That's how I'm gonna save this little corner of the Web and keep it fresh. I hope you don't mind.

To that end, here are a bunch of the reasons I have only posted four times in the past 12 months. But I promise to post again before another three months goes by:

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