Sunday, November 15, 2009


With no particular place to go

I scheduled almost all of my October weekends to be free for motorcycle riding, and man, I didn't waste any of it. Dingo Sanctuary and the Tim Kreitz Band took a break except for two local performances and I spent the rest of the month having some pretty excellent Autumn motorcycle adventures with friends. There was the Three Sisters ride, the Davis Mountains (our Verhalen run), Iraan, Robert Lee, and the list goes on.

Those rides were all great fun, but today I decided to just bang around Midland-Odessa and hang out a bit. After a nice afternoon of buzzing around by myself for a change, I ran into my good friend Rodger late in the day at the Starbucks over in Odessa, and we ended up riding to a local Odessa park to catch the sunset.

Rodger pulls up to my table at the Bux:

It was a bit breezy (more than I prefer), which was causing the waves on the water to whitecap at the park:

The leaves are changing and starting to fall off the trees. It makes for beautiful evenings surrounded by all the color:

Rodger's bike on top of a huge concrete drainage slab near the water's edge:

Obligatory greatness:

This photo is proof that you're never too old to be a troublemaker:

I don't understand why, but this park is filled with statues. Creepy ones:

There, that's better:

Soon thereafter, we were provided with the glorious sunset we'd come to see:

Everyone have a great week, and remember: You don't have to go anyplace special to see something astounding. God's beauty and wonder are all around you:

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