Wednesday, May 07, 2008


U.S. Superbike and the mailbag

I've been getting a few of these lately:
"Dear Tim, I enjoy your blog very much but noticed you have not written about any of this year's racing series. Is there a reason for this?" - Perry in Florida
Yes and no, Perry. Part of the reason my writings on roadracing have waned lately is because my interest over the past 12 years or so has been primarily with the AMA series. But I'm sure I don't have to tell you that there's absolutely nothing to write about in that series these days. They should just change its name to the Yoshimura Suzuki Walkaway Cup and be done with it. I know I am.

Perhaps the purchase of the series by the Roger Edmonson group will usher in much-needed changes. I was impressed that he announced the return of superbikes to the Daytona 200 in 2009, along with various other policies aimed at shaking things up for the factories. But one thing's for sure -- something has to be done. I've seen better racing on riding lawn mowers than the U.S. Superbike Series is currently offering. Mladin by nine seconds, Spies by seven seconds, Mladin by five seonds -- geeeez. Pardon my while I pass out from a combination of boredom and disgust.

Here's hoping Roger and his minions bring back a proper racing series over the next few years. Until then, I'll probably continue to ignore what has become the most boring thing to watch since The English Patient.

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