Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Same nonsense, different decade

From a Usenet user:

"Things sure changed over the years. It used to be Harley riders were profiled as criminals by law enforcement, regardless of the riders background ... Never in almost 30,000 miles have I had a problem with law enforcement on the RK [Road King]. Yet, on the Crest and around the Rock Store at least, they're all over sportbike riders, just for aftermarket turnsignals and mirrors ..."

Police in general, especially the revenue-driven CHP, will almost always focus on the easiest enforcement targets. After all, writing frivolous tickets for aftermarket turn signals is easier than doing real policework, and it pays the same. In the '70s it was choppers, in the '00s it's sportbikes. So really, not much has changed at all. Cops are still regularly violating the civil rights of those they've sworn to protect -- while the mindless, uninformed masses look on in approval. After all, it's not their rights at risk.

Or so they think.


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