Thursday, October 19, 2006


"We believe in selling idealistic lifestyles"

I'm hesitant to go on an intentional anti-Harley rant, but this is the most ridiculous corporate sales video I've ever seen. Just watch and you'll see what I mean. We believe in sticking it to the man, the video (produced by HD) touts.


Very few people want to be true non-conformists, and those who do are rarely in a resulting financial position to be able to buy a 20,000-dollar bike. Furthermore, HD is the bike for CONFORMISTS in this day and age, not the opposite. The vast majority of Harley riders I see these days are 50-something and 60-something business professionals who play the American capitalist game everyday, paying their taxes and obeying willingly the government and the law, precious few of them actually willing to "stick it to the man," as the video suggests.

The whole concept of the video perpetuates an idea that HD is more concerned with selling an idealized lifestyle than their bikes. Buy a Harley and it'll always be a clear, warm day, perfect for wearing tanktop shirts and other inappropriate riding apparel. Buy a Harley and you'll be a "badass" biker, not a pudgy dentist or lawyer with two out-of-control kids and a wife who won't have sex with you anymore. Buy a Harley and you'll be unique, despite the millions of other Harley riders out there who look, ride, and act exactly like you.

Gimme' a break. No motorcycle makes a person unique. No lifestyle makes a person unique. In fact, we are more similar than most of us are comfortable admitting. So ride for the joy of riding, not to be a poser.

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