Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The motorcycle noise issue and how it's being blown out of proportion

I just finished thumbing through my new issue of American Motorcyclist Magazine, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not totally sure I'll be renewing my AMA membership next time around. The reason: Hypocracy.

The entire Rights section of this month's issue is dedicated solely to motorcycle noise and how the AMA opposes things like aftermarket exhaust systems and straight pipes on bikes. "Loud pipes lose rights," they chant, cowering at the feet of an American public that is becoming more socialistic and totalitarian all the time.

But that's not where my gripe ends, because what do you think the very next thing I saw was as I turned the page? That's right, a gigantic feature spread on Daytona Bike Week that highlighted photo after photo of motorcycles of all types sporting straight pipes and otherwise modified exhausts. Whatever.

This ridiculous noise issue is another symptom of our very unwell country, one that is losing its way. America is slowly becoming a nation of spoiled brats with no perspective. Complaining about bike noise is what shallow, pampered people do when they don't have any real problems to deal with. Welcome to the lap of luxury in the land of softies.

If you want to experience a truly loud vehicle, situate yourself near a Ford Powerstroke diesel Pick-up truck the next time you're in traffic. As long as those things are allowed on the road, no one needs to bitch that bikes with aftermarket pipes produce too much noise. And the AMA should nut up and call this nonsensical social trend toward motorcycle discrimination for what it is, instead of pandering to idiot legislators and their stupid, unenforcable laws.

It's a loud, interesting, colorful world out there, folks. Learn to enjoy it instead of demanding that everyone live inside your movie.

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