Tuesday, February 28, 2006


How fast can a sanctioning body implode? In the case of the AMA, pretty damn fast

I'm sure you're all keeping up with the Mongolian you-know-what that's happening over at the AMA right now, but just in case you haven't been, here are a few links of interest via Superbikeplanet.com:

1. The new Buell: Legal for FX or not? Not!
2. AMA Pro Racing Says The Buell XB12RR Is Legal For FX
3. AMA Announces Sweeping Changes
4. AMA Dissolves AMA Pro Racing Board
5. Honda resigns from AMA advisory board
6. AMA's "Response" To American Honda Release
7. Vanderslice Resigns From AMA

Wow. This is like watching a train wreck.

And with regard to the Buell XBRR being allowed by the AMA into FX racing, even a half-trained monkey can tell you the bike doesn't meet class requirements. Allowing that thing into the series is yet another blatant AMA hypocracy amongst a recent gaggle of such that is chiseling away at what little credibility it has left.

Stay tuned. More nonsense is undoubtedly on its way.

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