Wednesday, January 25, 2006


2 Wheel Tuesday: The ongoing tragedy

From James Walker on Usenet:

"2 wheel tuesday is a 30 minute show minus 12 minutes for commercials. [That equals an] 18 minute show. So, out of [18 minutes], 10 minutes were devoted to how to make a [motorcycle] commercial. For Pete's sake Speed Channel, can't ya find enough MC news to even fill [an] 18 minute show?"

Amen to that. I desperately want to like this show, but it repeatedly insists on sucking.

First of all, they need to get rid of all the enduro and trials crap once and for all. Nobody gives a flying rat's ass about that stuff. If I never see another trials bike in my life, it'll be too soon. Where I come from, we have a similar device to a trials bike; it's called a Pogo Stick, and it's almost as boring.

Secondly, anything that doesn't have to do with streetriding or roadracing should be kept to a minimum. Dirtbike racing highlights should be shown, but should be collectively no longer than about 90 seconds in length.

Thirdly, I don't want to see another "custom" chopper or S&S-powered piece of butt jewelry on 2WT ever again. Ride On, American Thunder, V-Twin TV, American Chooper, Build or Bust, and a gaggle of other shows on cable have that subject matter covered ad nauseum.

Oh, and scooters suck, too. Every time I see something scooter-related on that show, it's like taking NyQuil.

The old Motorcyclist TV show had it right. They reviewed bikes, gave performance and suspension tips, touched on streetriding issues, and otherwise kept their focus. 2 Wheel Tuesday could learn a lot by digging into those archives and doing something interesting with their 22 weekly minutes.


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