Thursday, August 11, 2005


Random thoughts

• God does not deduct from one's allotted time, the hours spent riding a motorcycle. - Paraphrased from someone's Usenet sig

• All I want is a fast sportbike -- and absolute power.

• In August, the tremendous satisfaction received from teaching a Texas motorcycle rider course is equally offset by extreme heat, a scorching seat, and sore feet.

• When a parent buys his teenager a 170-horse sportbike, is it done out of love, or a latent desire to be permanently rid of the little brat?

• If half of all Americans rode a motorcycle to work twice a week, our annual demand for gasoline would decrease by 15 percent. That's about 14 billion gallons.

• A fellow motorcyclist once told me that from the moment he first saw Marlon Brando in the movie The Wild One, he decided he'd never ride anything but a Harley.

Brando rode a Triumph in the movie.

• Riding a sportbike on the street with its mirrors removed is equivalent to having unprotected sex with a heroin addict.

• Final thought of the night: A special thanks to all the guys who frantically sell their near-new bikes when their wives get pregnant. You keep the used market filled with a cornucopia of cheap, low-mileage motorcycles for all the real bikers to buy and enjoy. Here's to you.

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