Wednesday, August 31, 2005


And then I laughed and laughed (probably because I'm so tired)

Just as I was about to shut off my computer for the night, I decided to check the news page at Boy, I'm certainly glad I did. You see, this week has been extremely busy for me workwise and I needed a good laugh. Thankfully, the great Dean Adams provided one in a story about the post-Katrina status of Attack Kawasaki rider Josh Hayes' house in Mississippi:

"Hayes is currently staying with Yamaha rider Jamie Hacking and wife in North Carolina, as are several other riders including Neil Hodgson and Ben Spies. We can only assume that at night they all curl up on sleeping bags and have some sort of rider slumber party where they listen to records and tell John Kocinski stories."

LOL! Maybe it's because I'm feeling tired and punchy, but I busted out laughing when I read that. Thanks, Dean.

By the way, Josh's house sustained minor damage, but is largely okay. That's good news.

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