Friday, April 08, 2005


Things I would've rather seen on Speed Channel last night instead of poker

I should preface this rant by first saying that I am very thankful for Speed Channel. That's not sarcasm -- I really mean it. When I think back to the days when I had to get my motorcycle race results from magazines, I realize that the moto coverage Speed Channel provides is a true blessing. Thank you, Speed Channel.

Now then, on to the nut cutting. I usually tolerate the superfluous and steady stream of NASCAR crap spewed forth by Speed Channel without much complaint -- mainly for the same reasons cited above. But when I tuned in last night to find a celebrity Nextel Cup poker game being aired, I realized that this NASCAR nonsense has officially gone too far. Seriously, I'd have rather watched lawnmower racing than the same boring faces that have taken over the network in recent years playing cards with one another. I live in West Texas. If I want to watch rednecks play Hold 'em, I'll go to Riley's Bar & Grill.

C'mon guys, if you're that bankrupt for programming, how about sending out a camera crew to cover things like the Fontana superbike tests. You know, stuff that actually has to do with the speed you allude to in your network's name.


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