Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Motorcycle misinformation rampant in the media as riding season begins

Get a load of this:

"Warmer weather means more motorcycles on the road and that means more
chances for accidents."

What a loaded statement. Warmer weather also means more skateboards,
skydiving, and convertibles -- but I don't see those factors being
written about as inherently dangerous. What a bunch of sensationalized
nonsense. I bet the journalist who wrote this drivel has never even been
on a motorcycle.

"Experts recommend that motorcyclists take a safety course and brush up
on the basics. They say bikers should always wear helmets and be aware
of cars around them."

Okay, I'm on board with that paragraph. But just wait until you read
which "expert" they chose to get their information from.

"'You've got to be totally defensive,' said Jim Ramsey, general manager
of L and D Suzuki in Dover. 'Always expect the worse from what's in
front of you. You should always look for an out and exit.'"

That's right, folks. They went to a motorcycle dealer for safety advice. These are the same guys who send out 19 year-old noobs on Hayabusas. Not that I'm against free market sales, but the fact that Mr. Ramsey was quoted as a safety expert further exemplifies the writer's ignorance.

"Ramsey said bikers should also obey the speed limit."

Absolute gold. Any motorcycle safety expert worth his salt will be the first to tell you that unwavering compliance with the posted speed limit can get a motorcyclist killed.

"There were two deadly motorcycle crashes just last week in lower

So what? What were the circumstances? Who was at fault? What does that
sentence even mean?



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