Thursday, February 24, 2005


New Hampshire cops prepare to cash-in on motorcyclists

It looks like the proposed New Hampshire noise legislation aimed solely at motorcyclists will indeed be drafted. In addition, the fines will increase 6-fold. This is going to be a disaster for motorcyclists, and a veritable cash cow for the police and government. Let's all pray it doesn't pass into law:
"...a stipulation in the bill that would prohibit riders from modifying the exhaust systems on their bikes (even if the modified system measured to under 110 decibels) was criticized as unfair. Many riders make modifications to their exhaust systems when parts become outdated or too expensive, said Ed Hughes, a representative from the New Hampshire Motorcycle Rights Association. Sherman Packard, the committee chairman, agreed with those who said the new testing process left room for confusion. After conferring with Hughes and the police officers who had attended the hearing, committee members agreed to draft an amended version that will strip the modification clause from the bill but also make straight, un-muffled pipes illegal."
Can you imagine the first Laconia Bike Week after this legislation potentially passes? Probably half or more of the visiting bikers run straight pipes. I predict that at least $300,000 in revenue will be stolen from out-of-state motorcyclists during the initial year.

Hopefully, New Hampshire will pay the price economically for their actions as attendence at LBW decreases. The owners of the businesses in Laconia and along Weirs Beach better start making some noise now before it's too late to stop this socialist nonsense.

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