Friday, January 07, 2005


Proposed New Hampshire noise legislation would discriminate solely against motorcyclists

A basic tenant taught in most law schools is that bad facts lead to the passing of bad laws. That proverb would seem to be case-in-point in New Hampshire, where legislators may draft a bill that would attempt to single out and punish motorcyclists who ride so-called "noisy" bikes.

The proposed bill would be dangerously discriminatory in nature, as is it would place its wrath solely on motorbikes, not diesel trucks, sports cars, hot rods, booming sound systems, or any other arguably "loud," non-EPA compliant vehicle:
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) - A group of Seacoast-area lawmakers have filed a bill request with the Legislature that asks New Hampshire to revise the standards for testing motorcycle noise and limiting exhaust systems. The noise generated by motorcyclists touring the coastline appear to be a motivating factor behind the bill request.
The whole mentality that drives this nonsense irks me to no end. At some fateful point in such people's lives as those who would support the proposed legislation, they obviously lose their perspective on the things that are really important, the things that really matter in life. Somewhere along the way, sound, color, taste, and feel become their enemies, and all the earth and its boundless wonder becomes only an annoyance. They are the gray people, attempting in vain to make the rest of the world gray along with them. Unfortunately, there are all too many in the world with the same mentality -- people who will live every moment of their lives trying to puke on others, simply so their puke will have meaning.

As frightening and totalitarian as such a law would be, the bigger picture is even scarier -- that despite the lessons of history, American lawmakers continue to legislate against the will of the people (and that many similarly flawed laws already exist). The result is a gaggle of petty, oppressive, largely unenforceable statutes that quell personal liberty, and trample the adventurous nature of the human spirit.

All New Hampshire motorcyclists should contact their senators and congressmen in dire opposition to any such legislation:


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