Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Sportbiker given bogus ticket for going 205 mph on an RC51

What should we make of all the fools who've bought into this fairytale thus far?

Read the ridiculous story here.

This kid has an excellent defense, because an RC51 wouldn't do 205 miles per hour if it fell from space.

It was a major news story when Miguel DuHamel's CBR1000RR factory superbike did 196 at Brainerd earlier this year, and the RC51 was dumped by Honda in favor of the faster CBR. Considering the bike's rev limit and gearing, I doubt that even a turbo could thrust him past the double-ton. If the supersquid in the story has figured out something American Honda hasn't, there'll surely be a job waiting for him when gets out of jail. Not bloody likely.

A good lawyer should be able to get the little nincompoop off Scot-free.

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