Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Is it just me or does "Two Wheel Tuesday" lack focus?

Speaking as one of those guys who'll watch just about any TV show or movie that has motorcycles in it, I really shouldn't complain about the subject matter being offered up lately by Speed Channel's Two Wheel Tuesday. I definitely like the show and I think Greg White does a good job. But I'm really put off with how much airtime the show has been giving to things like trials competition, cruiser-style bike rallies, and various other off-the-beaten-path motorcycle topics -- all while we're right in the middle of roadracing season.

On last night's edition, for example, they did a full 10-minute segment on some motocross magazine for kids that was so dull I simply had to change the channel. During a previous segment of the same episode, they did a long story on the Americade Rally -- a subject that had already been beaten to death on a recent epidode of Corbin's Ride On, which airs after Two Wheel Tuesday on Speed Channel.

Look, I know the show has to be somewhat ecclectic to attract other viewers besides the sharply-focused sportbike crowd, but it's racing season, for goodness' sake. C'mon Speed Channel, how about producing at least one in-depth episode of TWT this year that is dedicated solely to everything that's going on in roadracing?

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