Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Ben comes out of the woodwork and Yoshimura Suzuki kicks itself in the gut -- what a weekend!

I was pleasently surprised to see Ben Bostrom win not one, but two races last weekend, one of them being the Superbike race.

"I could hardly remember what it was like to win a Superbike race," Ben told SuperbikePlanet.com. "I'm just glad to be back."

I should say so. Sunday's red-flag-assisted victory was Ben's first in AMA Superbike since 1999, just before he went to World Superbike for several seasons.

Second-place finisher Mat Mladin was, as usual, a superfluous spigot of remarks and opinion after the Superbike race. Surprisingly, Mladin's latently-angered cycnicisms were directed at his own teammate, Aaron Yates, who allegedly held Mladin up for several laps after the restart.

"That's good team spirit right there," Mladin sarcastically said, according to superbikeplanet.com.

Heh-heh. I'd normally be all over Mladin for such comments, but in this case, he gets a pass. There's little doubt in my mind that Yates was indeed in Mat's right of way. It's what the guy does.

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